Heated exchange in parliament over welfare funding

4:27 min

There was a heated exchange in parliament on Wednesday between the leader of the Left Party, Jonas Sjöstedt and prime minister Stefan Löfven, who accused his former budget partner of dishonest methods.

During the new year's first party leader debate in parliament Sjöstedt made clear that he is prepared to enter talks with the opposition conservative Moderates and the Christian Democrats, unless the government commits to giving more money to the welfare sector.

"This is exactly how things should not be done," replied an irritated Stefan Löfven, who accused the Left Party of waving a finger in the air and then going for a number. "When the Moderates say three billion, the left party says ten, and then in the next breath they say that if the government don't say anything, we'll sit down and negotiate with the ones who want a third of what we wanted," he said.

The leader of the Left Party was however keen to point out that the government with their partners in the Liberal and Center parties still need the support of the Left party to stay in power.