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Dagis, an orderly affair in Sweden
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Schools Out...Students Graduate
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Kungsholmen Gymnasium (Head Agneta Karlsson is in the middle)
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Uppsala University


In a special 5 part series Dave Russell examines Sweden’s education system from the early nursery days to higher learning at University

Episode 1 - Swedish Pre-School Part 1

In the first part of his series on Education, Dave Russell takes a look at Sweden’s highly prized pre-school education system, explaining how it works and why it’s been so successful. 

Episode 2 - Swedish Pre-School Part 2

In the second part of Dave Russell’s series on Education in Sweden, Dave looks at efforts to bring gender equality into pre-schools and why despite it’s excellent reputation, not all Swedes are happy with their daycare.

Episode 3 - Swedish ”Grundskola” (ages 7 to 16)

In Part three, Dave Russell looks at Sweden’s Grundskola, the compulsory school years for children aged between 7 and 16. Dave visit’s a state run school and a private school. There are two version’s of this, a shorter one of 12 minutes and a longer, more complete version of over 30 minutes.  

  - Education (Extended Version)

- Education (Edited Version)

Episode 4 - Swedish Gymnasiet (Ages 16-19)

In Part Four, Dave Russell looks at Sweden’s Upper Secondary School, known as Gymnasiet, for pupils from the ages of 16 to 19. Dave visit’s one of Stockholm’s top school’s and talks to students as they look ahead to University 

  Listen to Epsidoe 4

Episode 5 - Swedish Higher Education.

In the Fifth and Final Part of the series, Dave Russell looks at Higher Education in Sweden, visiting the country’s oldest University - Uppsala.


If you have any questions about the series or want to know more, e-mail david.russell@sr.se

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