Nobel Literature Prize Laureate Blasts Bush and Blair

This year’s Nobel literature prize laureate, British playwrite Harold Pinter has captured international headlines by blasting both American President Bush and British Prime Minister Blair as war criminals for killing thousands of Iraqi civilians.

Pinter described what he calls clever American hypocrisy – pretending to defend democracy while supporting brutal human rights violations in dictatorships in Nicaragua and many other countries – costing many thousands of lives and bloodshed.

He added that the international community and mass media have ignored such developments as the the torture of the prisoners in Guantanemo – afraid to criticize Washington as U.S. military bases spread in nations around the world – with the exception of Sweden.

Dying of cancer and bound to a wheel chair, Pinter is unable to come to Stockholm for his Nobel speech and for the prize ceremony this Saturday.

His video-taped Nobel speach was screened at the Royal Academy in Stockhom and on Swedish television – and has ben described as the most political Nobel literature lecture ever made.

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