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The murder of Olof Palme is till an unsolved mystery.
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Olof Palme was known for his oratorical skills.
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Radio Sweden Tuesday - Twenty Years After the Death of Olof Palme


Twenty years ago today Sweden’s prime minister Olof Palme was murdered on a Stockholm street as he walked with his wife from a cinema. Who was Olof Palme and what role did he play in world politics? Who murdered him and why?

Olof Palme was also a very controversial leader. In this special programme on the 20th anniversary of his murder, we look at Olof Palme the man, the politician and the statesman with the help of those who knew him closely. 

We ask the questions - why was Olof Palme adored by some and laothed by others?  And will Swedes ever find out who murdered their prime minister?

Closing music: ”Natten” by Björn Afzelius and Mikael Wiehe


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