Ahmed Yusuf Ali

Celebrities Defy Terror Sanctions

Around 50 Swedes have defied the law and have given funds to a Swede of Somali origin on the United Nations terrorist list.

Ahmed Yusuf is one of three Somali-Swedes placed on the list by the American Treasury Department after the September 11th attacks, because of their links with the Somali al-Baraquatt banking network. After two years the other two were removed from the list.

The American authorities now say there is no evidence that al-Baraquatt has terrorist links, but they want Ahmed Yusuf on the list because he refused to cooperate with their investigation.

Under EU rules he is not allowed to work or receive money. To protest the sanctions, around 50 Swedish celebrities have broken the law by giving Ahmed Yusuf around 125 dollars each. They hope their manifestation will provoke the Swedish government into taking action against the sanctions.

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