Radio Sweden Tuesday

Stockholmers gear up for Road Congestion charges

Sweden’s Asylum Policy is put under the microscope

There’s good news for Sweden’s tea drinkers

Then in Heartbeat, healthy Swedes get an experimental HIV vaccine and are you married to a psychopath?

Closing Music: ”Sankta Lucia” by Adolf Fredriks Choir

Days remain before Stockholm launches its own congestion charge, and like its conception in London, the tax is proving highly controversial. Radio Sweden’s Bill Schiller joined project leaders on a walk-way over a downtown Stockholm street – at the entrace to the inner city zone:

Prime Minister Göran Persson played host to the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Gutteres. As Azariah Kiros reports, the U.N. refugee commissioner says the asylum policy of some member states of the European Union leaves much to be desired:

A new study carried out here has revealed that drinking tea lowers the risk of cancer, at least for women. George Wood has more:

Time now for this month’s edition of heartbeat with Gaby Katz: