Al-Qaida Link Claimed for Attack

Swedish media report that a group asserting links with al-Qaida has claimed responsibility for a failed firebomb attack on a polling station for the Iraqi elections.

Bottles of petrol were thrown at the building in the Stockholm suburb of Kista in the middle of the night, hours before the election started. The bomb did not explode and no one was injured.

The online editions of the newspapers “Dagens Nyheter” and “Aftonbladet” report they have received letters claiming responsibility from a group which said it was part of the al-Qaida network. “Dagens Nyheter” says its letter, written in Swedish, was postmarked the day before the attack.

Terrorism experts are skeptical of the al-Qaida link. One interviewed by Swedish Radio said he didn’t think there were any real al-Qaida groups in Sweden. International expert Magnus Rangstorp, while saying the attack was a “serious incident”, says he doubts an organization is behind it.

The police have issued a nationwide alert and searched for the attackers using tracker dogs.