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Migration Board email at center of controversy.
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Radio Sweden Wednesday

Champagne cocktails to celebrate the successful deportation of a family.  The Swedish Migration Board continues to be rocked by criticism.

The battle is lost but maybe not the war:  the fight over satellite TV dishes rages on.

And in this month’s edition of EUROPE FILE:  EU justice ministers agree on a controversial plan to fight international terrorism…and why did Sweden’s state-owned liquor monopoly find it necessary to launch a Europe-wide PR offensive?

Closing music:  ”Jul Igen” (Christmas Again) – Just D

After a long asylum-seeking process and much paper work, a Russian family, including a very sick child, is deported from Sweden. The Swedish Migration Board’s reaction? Let’s throw a party! Gaby Katz has the story:

Following a controversial court decision Tuesday, the Swedish government says the law may have to be changed to give tenants the right to put up antennas for satellite TV. Juan Navas has more:

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