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What's ahead in 2006?
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Redheads: A rare breed
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Sweden's election campaign has already begun
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Network Europe

This week: Ahead in 2006

What’s ahead for Europe in 2006? We have a roundup from across the continent

Germany looks forward to the football World Cup.

Sweden gets ready for a rocky election year

And, those essentially “European” contributions to the gene-pool, red haired people are a dwindling group across the planet


Football fever – auf Deutsch

The Football World Cup Finals are Germany’s biggest sporting event since the 1988 European Football Championships. Everything about the event is super-sized! Hundreds of athletes, trainers and coaches attached to 32 teams, play each other in 8 groups in 12 stadiums around the country. Thousands of journalists will attend, some three million visitors are expected and thousands of police officers will be mobilised for security. There’s even a big controversy. News that thousands of prostitutes are setting up business in time for the World Cup Finals in June and July has some Germans up in arms.

Northern perspective

2006 is an election year in Sweden – but the mistakes of 2004 and 2005 look set to haunt the country’s governing politicians…

Trends 2006

What’s the next big thing? Radio France International’s Catherine Galloway talks to some Europeans who say they know the answers…

Sunset for redheads?

Will future generations look back at 2006 as one of the final years of when red-heads graced the planet? As a result of migration and ethnic mixing, Europe’s contribution to the Homo-sapiens gene pool, the fiery flush of red hair, so immortalised in literature, could be gone in just 50 years. That’s the sad prediction from the Oxford Hair Foundation. Network Europe decided to investigate the case, 

Closing Music: “No heaven”, Champions

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