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Greenpeace Stage Cod Protest at Findus
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Radio Sweden Thursday

Sweden’s accused of violating the UN’s law on human rights in the way it treats its failed asylum seekers

Are Swedes eating Stolen Fish?. Greenpeace believes there’s something fishy about our cod.

And It’s a family affair: Street Talk finds out what Swedes think of the smacking ban in this country.

Closing Music; Bodies Without Organs ” Sunshine in the Rain”

Sweden is violating the U.N. Declaration on Human Rights by refusing medical assistance to defenceless groups such as hidden asylum seekers. Those harsh words come from no less a person than the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Health, who’s just concluded a study visit to Sweden. Azariah Kiros reports:

In a Swedish television documentary aired yesterday, it was alleged that a large amount of cod sold in Swedish shops has been fished illegally. Serena Möller reports:

Swimming’s Fina World Cup short course series came to Stockholm for a two day meet on Tuesday and Wednesday. Mark Cummins has more:

Streettalk this month focuses on the family and what Swedes think about the smacking/spanking ban in this country. Here’s Serena Möller:


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