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Anna Sjödin, head of the Social Democrats youth wing.
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Radio Sweden Wednesday

Engage or cut off funds?  Sweden debates how to respond to the Hamas victory in the Palestinian Territories.

He said, she said.  A bar room brawl pits an up-and-coming politician against a doctor moonlighting as a doorman.

Yet more accidents on the frozen lakes of Sweden.

And then it’s time for another unique look at the Swedish cultural scene.  Today, Bill Schiller meets an author who’s just published a new book on sexuality.

Closing music:  Sven Zetterberg ”Fortune Teller”

The Hamas victory in the Palestinian territories has left Sweden and other EU member states confronting a difficult question: how to channel development assistance to the Palestinians when a terrorist organization is taking over the reins of power. Professor Ulf Bjereld of the University of Gothenberg talked about the problem with our reporter Azariah Kiros:

A Saturday night on the town...people are drinking, words are exchanged, punches are thrown. A barroom brawl is top of the news here in Sweden today. Gaby Katz has more:

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