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A boy suffering from severe Malaria gets treatment
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Radio Sweden Tuesday

A parasite that kills millions brings International experts to Stockholm

Swedes love prizes, We’ll be talking about two of their biggest awards

And we’re off to an exhibition looking at the most commonplace yet complex device in our lives.

Closing Music: Lisa Nilsson ” Between a smile and a tear”

Spread by mosquitoes, malaria may be eradicated in the northern hemisphere, but is one of the major killer diseases in many countries in the southern part of the globe. And it’s the focus of attention at an international meeting at the Karoliniska Institute in Stockholm, as Azariah Kiros reports:

To go along with her 1991 Nobel Peace Prize, one of the world’s most renown freedom fighters has been awarded the 2005 Olof Palme Prize. To tell us who she is and more about the prize itself, here’s Radio Sweden’s Juan Navas:

Last night in Gothenburg, the great and the good in the film world gathered for Sweden’s version of the Oscars, the Gold Bugs. Mark Cummins brings us the role of honor:

Now here’s Judi Milar with a look at the piece of technology that seems to rule our lives:

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