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Reinfeldt vs. Persson
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Radio Sweden Thursday

The Prime Minister and the head of Sweden’s leading right-of-centre opposition party butt heads in the run up to the election. From taxes to the environment, we’ll bring you the highlights of the season’s first debate.

Slaughterhouses come under criticism as the Swedish Animal Welfare Agency sounds the alarm.

All of you music critics out there, today’s your chance to shine. The Swedish sweater set or the 80’s supergroup? This month’s Greatest asks you to judge which is Sweden’s best band. Your votes please for The Cardigans or Roxette!

That and more in today’s edition.

Closing Music: West End Girls

Wednesday saw the first party leader debate between Social Democratic Prime Minister Göran Persson - and the head of the main opposition party, the Conservative Moderate Party, Fredrik Reinfeldt. But why start the election campaign more than seven months ahead of election day? Azariah Kiros asked Henrik Brors, political editor at the newspaper Dagens Nyheter:

At the Arts Center in downtown Stockholm young people interested in international solidarity are turning their gaze towards Rwanda and are learning about genocide survivors. Project manager Jessica Olson talked to Radio Sweden’s Bill Schiller:

Although Sweden ranks high when it comes to the welfare of animals in the slaughter house, new findings by the Swedish Animal Welfare Agency show there’s definitely room for improvement as the Agency’s Lotta Berg tells Radio Sweden’s Juan Navas:

Time now for The Greatest with Radio Sweden’s Serena Möller – I suggest you pump up the volume and get your groove on:


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