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Alf Svensson (left) and Göran Hägglund

Parties: Christian Democrats

Founded in 1964 the Christian Democrat Party represents the socially conservative perspective in Swedish politics. It remained small with representatives only on the local level for many years.

But in 2006 the party joined government, as part of the four party center-right "Alliance for Sweden", along with the conservative Moderates, Liberals, and Center Party. Party leader Göran Hägglund is Minister for Health and Social Affairs.

From local politics...

The party entered parliament for the first ime in 1985, through an electorial alliance with the Center Party. Under the popular leader Alf Svensson, the Christian Democrats grew quickly and were elected into parliament on their own platform in 1991.

The party stresses Christian principles and family values, and has many supporters in christian communities across Sweden.

For a period in the 1980’s the party adopted an environmental platform, but has moved away from that position in recent years.

To national government...

When the center-right opposition won the 1991 elections, Alf Svensson became Minister for Foreign Aid. He remained party leader until 2004, when he stepped down after more than 20 years as party leader. He was succeeded by Göran Hägglund.

While the Christian Democrats have retreated from their earlier opposition to abortion, the party continues to stress family values, and has opposed gay marriage and adoptions by homosexual couples.

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