Far-Right Swedish Party Publishes Mohammed Cartoons

Sweden’s far right extremist party the Sweden Democrats have decided to publish cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed in their online newspaper.

The site says they are publishing the images in support of ”freedom of speech.”

Swedish Radio reported Thursday that the Sweden Democrats are sponsoring a contest encouraging readers to send in their own images and cartoons depicting Mohammed.

Representatives of the far right party say that the contest was already planned since last fall and that cancelling the competition would be to give into pressure from what they termed extremist elements in the Muslim world. 

Sweden’s Foreign Minister Laila Freivalds has condemned the contest saying that the move by the far-right party was insensitive, provocative and irresponsible.  

The Foreign Minister added that this could endanger the lives of Swedish nationals abroad.

News of the publication has already been featured on an Arabic speaking television station.

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