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Foreign Minister Laila Freivalds
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Radio Sweden Wednesday

Foreign Minister Laila Freivalds makes her foreign policy statement before parliament, mentioning among other things, Darfur, the Middle East and NATO.  But what’s really catching the attention of observers is what she didn’t bring up:  China and Russia.

In the wake of Muslim outrage over cartoons lampooning the prophet Mohamed, a new proposal here could bring Sweden and the Muslim world closer together.

Then it’s time for part four in our series looking at Education here in Sweden.  Today, Dave Russell focuses on the Upper Secondary or High School years here in Sweden.

Closing music:  Putte Wickman – ”Jungle Drums”

NATO, dialogue in the angry dispute over cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed, boosting foreign aid and concern over crisis areas such as the Middle East, Belarus and Darfur---these were some of the subjects in parliament’s foreign policy debate Wednesday.  Speaking with Radio Sweden’s Bill Schiller, Anders Hellner of the Swedish Institute of International Affairs is critical of the Foreign Minister’s policy statement:

The publication of cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed have led to angry protests around the world and much heated debate. Here in Sweden, a new proposal may just help bring Sweden and the Muslim world closer together. Our reporter Juan Navas has more:

Scandinavian Airline’s SAS is among the international carriers under suspicion of price fixing in the air cargo industry. Mark Cummins has more:

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