Radio Sweden Satuday

STUDIO 49 ROW OVER CARICATURES As the controversy over the so-called Mohammed caricatures continues, the debate over whether the cartoons satirising the Prophet Mohammed should have been printed or not also gathers momentum. And angry and violent demonstrations have been witnessed in many parts of the world. The violence has been criticised and even condemned as an exaggerated reaction. But does the Western world in general and its media in particular understand how a devout Moslem exactly feels when it comes to making fun of the Prophet? Prof. Emeritus Jan Hjärpe, one of the leading Islamologist in this country, sheds some light on the issue. SHOULD SWEDEN JOIN NATO? Many argue the time has come for Sweden to abandon its policy of non-allignment and join the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, NATO. One of them is Mike Winnerstig, head of defence analysis at the Swedish Defence Research Agency.

Closing music: 1. Hårda tider, Mikael Wiehe

                   2. Don’t Blame the Daughter, the Cardigans