Radio Sweden Monday

Scandals, blogs and politics. The election campaign gets dirty online.Sweden’s best Winter Olympics comes to a spectacular close in Turin.And Street Talk with Serena Möller is a family affair. Join us for that and more.

Closing Music: Eskobar, PERSONA GONE MISSING

Moderate party leader Fredrik Reinfeldt has been on the receiving end of e-mails copied to key journalists and politicians – emails which accuse him of crimes including tax evasion.  Azariah Kiros has the story:

The Turin games have been Sweden’s best overall score in a Winter Olympics ever.  Speaking with our own Bill Schiller, sports journalist Annika Duncan insists she’s been doing her share of the shouting – especially with that final gold medal won by the men’s ice hockey team:

After successes with a series of satellites and space probes, Sweden is working on a new project to orbit a flying laboratory. Mark Cummins has more: