Radio Sweden Wednesday

Sweden braces for more bird flu cases after an aggressive H5 strain was found in the south of the country. Sweden’s Agriculture Minister says ”The situation is serious but not unexpected.”RyanAir causes angry sparks in the Swedish Prime Minister’s office. Then in this month’s edition of Sportscan: Dave Russell takes one for the team as he heads into the ring.

Closing Music: Pernilla Wahlgren ”Piccadilly Circus”

An aggressive bird flu virus which could be the deadly H5N1 has been found in Sweden. The virus was found in 2 wild birds near Oskarshamn in the south of the country. Serena Möller has more:

RyanAir has provoked the Swedish government by using gloomy photos of the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister in an ad asking: ”Is it time to leave the country?” Bill Schiller has more:

The scandal over online dirty tricks by Sweden’s ruling Social Democrats continues, as Mark Cummins reports: