Radio Sweden Thursday Edition

Swedish research points to a radical new method to treat an eventual human infection of the H5N1 Birdflu virus. We have the details. On the programme - one of Europe’s photographer’s Åke E:son Lindman talks exposure, focus and framing And they are all over the tabloids, but we give you the irreverent opportunity to pick your favourite Swedish Princess - in this month’s edition of ”The Greatest”

A study by three Swedish researchers on possible treatment for avian flue patients has been published in the British medical journal The Lancet. Azariah Kiros turned to the Swedish state epidemiologist, Annika Linde, to find out more about the treatment:

Whether he’s photographing a fast food joint in Stockholm or Ancient Egyptian statues in Karnak, Åke E:son Lindman is recognized as one of Europe’s leading photographers. Our resident architecture buff Gaby Katz visited his Stockholm studio:

Time now for this month’s edition of The Greatest hosted by Serena Möller: