Sweden Could Lose Hockey Gold

According to the Swedish Olympic Committee (SOK), Sweden could, in theory at least, lose its much celebrated ice hockey gold from the 2006 Turin Winter Games due to a team homecoming celebration that violated Olympic regulations.

According to SOK chairman Stefan Lindeberg ”It’s a theoretical question (but) the Swedish Ice Hockey Federation broke IOC (International Olympic Committee) rules.”

His comments followed massive media speculation that a homecoming celebration on February 27 for the Swedish ice hockey team, Tre Kronor, where team sponsors instead of Olympic sponsors were featured, could cost the country its coveted gold medal.

According to Olympic sponsoring rules, only Olympic sponsors should be displayed until the Olympic season officially ends on March 1, and media have reported that the SOK was planning to report the team to the IOC.

On Thursday, the SOK however insisted that it had no such plans and that it would do ”everything so Tre Kronor does not risk losing its gold medals.”

The committee pointed out however that ”SOK does not have the last say in this question. It is the IOC that has the right to decide.”