Bird Flu and BSE

Question: Is it safe to eat chicken?

Answer: Yes, providing you cook the meat properly – the virus dies when heated – so make sure your fillet of chicken is cooked through and through.

Question: Is it safe to eat eggs?

Answer: Hens and tame birds have not been infected in Sweden and so eating eggs is fine.

Question: What if kids playing outside decide to make a snow cone and manage to eat some bird excrement?

Answer: If there would happen to be infected faeces in the snow, it won’t be strong enough to harm your child. And the virus is also not as aggressive once it’s been frozen.

Question: How do I protect my cat?

Answer: Keep your cat inside if you live in an affected area and are concerned. No person has been infected via their cat.

Source: Aftonbladet

Question: Is it still safe to eat beef?

Answer: Beef is as safe as it was before. Those areas of meat that could be infected are removed and destroyed in the slaughterhouse.

Question: How can you tell where meat comes from?

Answer: In stores, beef must be labelled.

Question: How many people have died from Creutzfeld-Jakobs disease?

Answer: CJD has been around a long time. More recently, a new variant of the disease has surfaced, vCJD. This new type is what scientists suspect is linked with BSE. So far, some 150 cases of the new variety, vCJD have been reported, mainly in Great Britain.

Source: The National Food Administration