New Cases of H5 Bird Flu Discovered

According to the Swedish Board of Agriculture, eight new cases of H5 bird flu were detected in Sweden late Friday.

Tests carried out on 31 wild birds found dead along Sweden’s south-eastern coast revealed that eight tufted ducks were carrying what appeared to be a highly pathogenic strain of H5 bird flu virus.

The eight new cases of H5 were discovered in close proximity to the spot in Oskarshamn where two tufted ducks were found that tested positive for the virus last Tuesday.

Researchers have however yet to determine whether the Swedish ducks died from the deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu, which in its most aggressive form has killed 100 people worldwide.

Decisive test results are expected back from a British laboratory early this week.

If the virus does turn out to be the H5N1 strain, Sweden will be the ninth country in the 25-member European Union to be affected by the deadly virus.