Radio Sweden Monday Edition

Coming up today: The curse of the western world - obesity - in focus today as Sweden decides to start a national programme to check for weight problems in four-year-oldsRefusing to cooperate with the United Nations? Doesn’t sound like Sweden - but that’s the government’s line on Swedish membership of the UN’s World Tourism Organisation. We find out what’s behind the decision.And in Spectrum we listen to the sounds of an Israeli-Arab band that mixes politics into their own brand of fusion music.

Many children in Sweden are eating themselves into an early grave, becoming the first generation in modern times to have a shorter lifespan than their parents’ generation. Dave Russell reports:

Sweden has chosen to stay outside of a United Nations organisation devoted to coordinating world tourism. Now the Swedish Hotel and Restaurants Association is accusing the government of neglecting the tourist industry, as Azariah Kiros reports:

This past weekend saw one of Sweden’s biggest sporting events, the Vasaloppet cross-country marathon. Gaby Katz has the details:

In today’s Spectrum of the arts, Bill Schiller takes us to a Stockholm theatre stage to hear a multi-cultural band blending music and politics – and to a prestigious art gallery where a collective group of artists creates happenings and performances free of charge:

Closing Music: ”Lower Your Head”, Loney Dear