Sweden’s Adults In Healthy Shape But Young Drink More

The state of the nation’s health was presented to the government on Tuesday but while it’s good news for adults, it’s not so good for Sweden’s younger generation.

Whilst Child Obesity is increasing, more children are being treated for alcohol poisoning. For adults though, life expectancy is increasing dramatically. Men in Sweden are on average living 78.4 years and women are living 82.7 years. More and more adults are giving up smoking, with 85 percent of the population now non-smokers.

There are also indications that Alcohol consumption amongst adults has not continued its upwards trend.

However, it’s less of a rosy picture for Sweden’s children and young adults. The board of health and welfare said in its report that during the last ten years, the number of people between the ages of 15 and 24 who have been treated in hospital for alcohol poisoning has risen dramatically. For boys and young men the number has doubled - and for girls and young women it has trebled. At the same time, more children and young people are overweight. There has also been a rise in attempted suicides among young men and women.

”Society must invest much more in children and young people today to prevent future health problems,” said Måns Rosén, head of the board’s Centre for Epidemiology.