Cargo Plane Robbed At Airport, Suspect Bomb Left Behind

Masked robbers on Tuesday carried out a daring raid of an SAS plane from London that had just landed at Gothenburg Airport and made off with an unknown amount of cash.

A suspicious package that police said looked like a bomb was left behind forcing the evacuation of parts of the airport and causing delays for hundreds of passengers.

Police say three men in a jeep crashed through a gate at Landvetter airport and drove upto the plane. While passengers were still on board, the robbers stole an unknown number of bags and crates with foreign exchange from the cargo hold.

Parts of the airport, including the international terminal, were evacuated as bomb disposal experts headed to the scene to investigate a suspicious package.

As the robbers drove off, they spread nails on the road to block police from pursuing them. Two burnt out cars were found later by police. Passengers and other witnesses are being questioned.