Radio Sweden Wednesday

We’ll be marking International Women’s day by asking the question: where does Sweden stand on gender equality?The new child rape law is applied by the Supreme Court here. Experts call the precedent setting cases, ”A setback.” Swedish authorities reject tests with genetically modified plants.And in a special edition of Business Brief, we look at the trials and tribulations of starting your own company here in Sweden.

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Swedes are joining the global salute to International Women’s Day; with seminars, rallies and discussions. One of the burning questions centers around why Swedish women are still not enjoying full equality. Our reporter Bill Schiller spoke to Eva Nikell, head of information at the office of Sweden’s Gender Equality Ombudsman:

Two men facing child rape convictions, the first which come under new laws here in Sweden, have had their crimes downgraded and sentences reduced by the highest court in the land. The rulings have provoked an outcry cry from some legal experts and caused confusion about the meaning of a law designed to protect children. Dave Russell reports:

Swedish authorities have rejected new tests with genetically modified plants here, as Juan Navas reports: