Suspected Bomb in Airport Robbery Fake

A suspected bomb that forced the evacuation of Sweden’s second biggest airport in connection with a brazen robbery turned out to be a fake.

Masked gunmen left the suspicious package on the tarmac at Gothenburg’s Landvetter airport Tuesday after they stole bags of foreign currency being unloaded from a Scandinavian Airlines plane that had arrived from London.

According to the Gothenburg Police the suspected bomb ”was a fake,” saying it did not contain any explosives, declining to describe the package any further.

Police suspect the robbers placed the package on the tarmac to create confusion and delay attempts to pursue them as they sped off in two cars.

A 37-year-old man was arrested Tuesday in a suburb of Gothenburg, and is likely to be arraigned Friday on suspicion of involvement in the robbery.

Another man, 39, was also arrested by police investigating the case but police said the man could not immediately be linked to the airport robbery.

Stunned passengers witnessed the robbery unfolding outside the plane’s cargo hold as they prepared to disembark.

Police evacuated parts of the airport as they investigated the suspicious package.

The two getaway cars were found burned a few kilometers from the airport.

Police have said the robbers got away with ”a large sum” of money, but will not reveal how much.

According to investigators at least four people were involved in the heist.