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Remembering the female victims of domestic violence in Spain this week
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Scandinavian women find having your cake and eating it is allot of work...
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Unwelcome welcome mat?
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Too little of a good thing..

Network Europe

This week: International Women’s Day

Prostitution trafficking on the increase for the World Cup?

Recent developments in Europe are threatening the right of women to free abortions. Family planning organisations are on the alert.

Scandinavia is considered to be at the avant-garde when it comes to women’s rights - but is it just rhetoric?

Girl power: We visit an all female café in Poland, where men are required to wear a wig!


Rolling out the red light district…?

Is football good news for women’s rights? Will the June world cup football tournament be  more about sex and prostitutes than sports ? Human rights and women’s organisations fear that the forthcoming world cup will be accompanied by a drastic increase in forced prostitution.

Has neo-conservatism crossed the Atlantic?

The US state of South Dakota passed a law this week, criminalising abortion. Now, even pro-life activists in Europe are upping the anti-abortion rhetoric. In France, International Women’s Day coincided with the fiftieth anniversary of the French Movement for Family Planning, but as it turned out, not everyone was celebrating....

Gender equality – rhetoric vs reality

Scandinavia has a reputation for promoting gender equality. So it’s no surprise that Swedes joined the global tribute  to International women’s day this week. But paradoxically, Swedish women, despite the years of rethoric, are still far from having full equality. So what is  the problem ?

Glass ceiling Romanian style

In Romania, women are becoming more and more visible in politics, public administration and business, but they’re increasingly hard to find in highly specialized fields such as mathematics or engineering. A glass ceiling perhaps?

Wanted: more Czechs

Just what is the impact of gender equality on the population. In the Czech Republic demographers have been shouting about it for years, and now it has been confirmed by the EU:  Czechs are dying out. A population forecast released last week by the EU statistics office Eurostat, predicts that by the year 2050, the number of Czechs will drop from 10 million to below nine million. Without immigration, the population might plummet to 8.1 million....

Girl power in Poland

A network of womens’ cafes is scheduled to open in major Polish cities, prompted by the success of A “women-only” hangout in the southern city of Tschensto’khova.  Men are only allowed - in drag. The place has been accused of being sexist, but the organisers say their ladies’ cafe are in fact a pointed stab at Polish macho attitudes.

Closing music:  “We don’t play guitar”, Chicks On Speed

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