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New perspectives: Swedish Cinema's embraces homegrown multiculturalism
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Inside Sweden

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Countdown to presidential elections in Belarus on Sunday. Sweden’s Foreign Minister speaks to Inside Sweden at a rally held in Stockholm to call for an end to the dictatorship.

They have been a part of Europe for hundreds of years - but they’re still this continent’s ”eternal minority”. We take a closer look at the situation of Sweden’s Roma community.

Swedish cinema has come a long way from the ”quintessentially Swedish” Bergman classics of yesteryear - Now the Swedish silver screen is celebrating a new perspective. Inside Sweden goes to the movies to talk about the wave of talented non-ethnic Swedish filmmakers 

Closing music: ”Maki Maki”, Goran Bregovic & Weddings & Fun

Representatives of Swedish political parties and human rights groups have held their final demonstration in a downtown Stockholm square before this Sunday’s elections in Belarus – described as the last dictatorship in Eastern Europe.

Bill Schiller talked to Swedish Foreign Minister Laila Freivalds, one of the main speakers at the demonstration:

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