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Carola will represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest in Athens
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Radio Sweden Monday

Did Sweden’s Foreign Minister tell the truth about knowing about the closing of an extreme right website that published caricatures of the prophet Mohammed? And what repercussions could it have? Our reporter brings us the details.

With 25% of the vote, Carola and her song ”Invincible,” took first place in the Swedish Finals for the Eurovision Song Contest. We have the details.

And Henning Mankell divides his time between Sweden and Mozambique. Page-turners and the fight against AIDS, we talk to the bestselling author about his passions and his commitments in the Literary 5.

Closing Music: Carola ”Evighet”

When a lower official exerted pressure to get a ultra right wing website removed, Swedish Foreign Minister Laila Freivalds denied she knew anything about it. But a ministry document tells a different story, as Azariah Kiros reports:

Sweden’s song for the Eurovision Song Contest was selected on Saturday night. Dave Russell has more:

Time for the third part of our mini-series; the Literary 5. Today’s guest divides his time between Sweden and Mozambique. His bestsellers are thanks to police inspector Kurt Wallander. Over to Gaby Katz and 5 minutes with Henning Mankell:

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