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Foreign Minister Laila Freivalds and Prime Minister Göran Persson at Tuesday's press conference announcing Freivalds resignation
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Radio Sweden Tuesday

Swedish Foreign Minister Laila Freivalds has resigned.

At a press conference Tuesday morning the outgoing Foreign Minister told journalists that she was resigning because she no longer felt she could do her job seriously under the current circumstances.

Freivalds added that ”the situation was harmful to the government, harmful to the party and not least of all to the Foreign Ministry.”

In this Tuesday edition we’ll bring you all the latest in the story making the headlines here.

And later in the program, Timeline brings you the second and final part of our special look at the Finnish War Children: Some 70,00 to 80,000 young people forced to leave their war ravaged home for the safety of Sweden.

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Sweden’s Foreign Minister Laila Freivalds resigned Tuesday after accusations that she acted unconstitutionally. But this is not the first time the outgoing Foreign Minister has come under fire. Judi Milar reports:

The resignation comes amid accusations that Laila Freivalds lied about knowing one of her aides was involved in shutting down a controversial far right website that posted cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed. Such pressure would be considered a violation of constitutional guarantees of free speech. Dave Russell talked to Thomas Ramberg, political reporter for Swedish Radio News:

In February, Radio Sweden brought you a special edition of Timeline,”Leaving Home: The Finnish War Children.” The story of the some 70,00 to 80,000 young people forced to leave their war ravaged home for the safety of Sweden. Time now for the second and final part: ”A New Home: The Finnish War Children” with Juan Navas.

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