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Prime Minister G Persson being questioned at the hearings held by the Committee on the Constitution about the tsunami disaster.
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Radio Sweden Saturday


The Riksdag or the Swedish parliament’s Committee on the Constitution has scolded Prime Minister Göran Persson and five members of his cabinet for their slow and inefficient response to the tsunami disaster in December 2004 which claimed the lives of more than five hundred Swedes. The Committee spoke with one voice and concluded that the Prime Minister and five of his ministers failed to co-ordinate an effective relief to thousands of Swedes stranded in Thailand when the disaster struck.  We discuss the issue with Dr. Ingvar Mattson, deputy clerk of the parliamentary committee.


At the height of Nazi Germany’s influence in Europe, Swedish officials stopped their nationals from marrying Germans living in Sweden and the Swedish government failed to intervene when Jews were barred from German companies in Sweden. All this was done in an effort to appease Nazi Germany and to stave off an invasion. These are but only two instances of new revelations uncovered in a series of researches about Sweden’s relations with Nazi Germany. To shed more light on the issue, Studio 49 has invited Prof. Klas Åmark of the University of Stockholm who is the co-ordinator of the series of researches.

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