Man on a Raft Mystery

The Swedish authorities are trying to solve the mystery of a man calling himself a “stateless American” who was found floating on a raft in the waters between Norway and Denmark Friday.

He was picked up by a Norwegian oil tanker, on a raft made of four oil barrels. He asked to be taken to the Swedish authorities, claiming to have been thrown off a ship four days earlier. Experts say that is unlikely he could have survived that long in the rainy weather conditions.

The man, who reportedly speaks perfect English, says his name is George Williams, and that he was born in Capetown, South Africa in 1959. He’s been taken to a hospital in southern Sweden to be treated for dehydration and a frostbitten foot, while the authorities contact the American Embassy in Stockholm to try to confirm his identity.

His photograph and fingerprints are being sent to Interpol.

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