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Patterson In 1962
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Johansson’s Legendary Ring Rival Dies

The former heavyweight boxing champion, Floyd Patterson, who’s career was highlighted by 3 legendary fights with Sweden’s Ingemar Johansson, died on Thursday at the age of 71.

Patterson became the youngest man to win the world heavyweight boxing title and the first to regain his crown, when he knocked out Johansson, having lost his crown to the Swede the year before in 1959. Patterson won a third bout against Johansson in 1961, stopping the big Swede in the sixth round. Patterson, who had suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and prostate cancer, died at his home in New York.

”Of all the men I fought, Sonny Liston was the scariest, George Foreman was the most powerful, Floyd Patterson was the most skilled as a boxer,” Muhammed Ali once said.

Elected to the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1991, Patterson was small for a heavyweight and used a peek-a-boo style with his gloves held high in front of his face, using his quickness to defeat heftier opponents.

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