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Radio Sweden Thursday

We’ll be looking at threats to bring down a Social Democratic government after September’s elections ... unless the Left Party is at the table.

The Prime Minister’s right hand man is under fire. Constant bad press for Lars Danielsson.

Cashing in on Cards: This month’s Street Talk takes a look at the poker craze in Sweden.....

Closing Music: ABBA, ”The Winner Takes It All”

The Social Democratic Party has ruled this country for most of the past century. In recent years it’s been able to do so with the parliamentary support of the Left and Green Parties, who have been kept outside the government. But after years of rejecting the idea of a coalition, Left Party leader Lars Ohly now wants cabinet portfolios for his party after this  September’s elections. Talking to our reporter Azariah Kiros, Lars Ohly explains why he feels this is a key demand:

Reporters seem to smell blood as the Prime Minister’s right hand man continues to attract embarrassing news headlines. Mark Cummins brings us the details:

In this month’s edition of Street Talk, Serena Möller looks at the current trend for poker:

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