Political Feuds Continue over Top Official

With only months before the elctions here, the political turmoil continues over the Swedish prime minister’s right hand man, Lars Danielsson.

Sharply criticized for not getting the government in action to help Swedish vicitims of the tsunami disaster in Southeast Asia over a year ago, new website rumors launched by members of the opposition liberal party claim Danielsson delayed coming into work because he was with a lover – a woman working with him at the prime minister’s office.

Both have rejected the charges carried in all the major media here. Leading Social Democrats have demanded an apology from the Liberal party leader and the dismissal of the bloggers.

The head of the liberals says he refuses to apologize because he can’t check on every member.

His party hopes to out the government in the next elections and form a 4-party, non-socialist coalition. But for the first time in many months, public opinion polls say their once-strong lead has dissolved into a loss – in favor of the ruling social democrats and the Greens and the Left Party.

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