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The Greens Vote on Election Manifesto
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Radio Sweden Monday

The Environmental Party is sometimes described as a watermelon: green on the outside, red on the inside.  But what colour is their election manifesto?  

Earthquake warnings from space.  Swedish technology is aboard the Compass-2 satellite.

And Swedish literary legend Lars Gyllensten has passed away.

That and more in today’s edition.

Closing Music: LaGaylia: ”Head In The Clouds”

Sweden’s Environment Party has just concluded its annual conference. The Greens are one of the two parties whose support the ruling Social Democrats cannot afford to lose. But as Azariah Kiros reports, the Greens are now threatening to pull that support if they’re not given a more prominent role in the future:

As thousands of people in Indonesia, Tonga, Italy and even Sweden have found out in the past few days....no matter where we live, we get little warning when an earthquake is about to strike. And that’s even though scientists have known for decades that it could be possible to predict them. But now technology created in Sweden could eventually tell us what’s happening deep underground. And it blasted off into space on Friday night. Tom McAlinden reports:

A pivitol figure in the Swedish literary world has died at the age of 84. Mark Cummins tells us more about Lars Gyllensten:

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