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Police close The Pirate Bay
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Radio Sweden Thursday

Over Fifty police officers raid homes and offices and close down a file sharing website, one of the biggest of its kind in the world. A welcome move for copyright protection or a gross misuse of taxpayers money?

The former chief U.N. weapons inspector in Iraq, Sweden’s Hans Blix, presents his report on nuclear disarmament to the U.N. today. But will the controversy surrounding the man jeopardise his report?

And the Two B’s do battle in our final edition of ”The Greatest.” It’s your chance to vote for Björn or Benny.

Closing Music: The Hives ”Walk Idiot Walk”

As the world powers converged on Vienna today for talks on how to resolve the Iran nuclear crisis, Swedish diplomat Hans Blix presented his report to the UN on meeting the nuclear proliferation challenge. Jan Rydqvist, an analyst at the Swedish Defence Research Agency talked to our reporter Azariah Kiros:

Police in Sweden have dealt a blow for people all around the world who download music, films and games for free...after closing down the Pirate Bay, one of the biggest websites which offers the service. Three people were detained on Wednesday after several raids across the country. Radio Sweden’s Tom McAlinden has more:

Time now for the final part in our series, ”The Greatest” with Serena Möller....Saving the best till last, two B’s do battle.....Björn or Benny from ABBA....who’s the greatest , you decide:

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