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Pirates in Stockholm: the download debate continues in today's "Street Talk."
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Radio Sweden Thursday

The Stockholm Prize in Criminology is awarded this week. Our reporter speaks with one of the winners.

Download debate. ”Street Talk” goes in search of internet pirates.

And later we head to Liljevalchs for a little ”Art Feminism.”

Closing Music: Monica Zetterlund ”Att Angöra en Brygga”

The winners of the first ever Stockholm Prize in Criminology receive their awards this week. Friedrich Lösel of Britain’s Cambridge University will share the USD 125,000 prize with John Braithwaite, from the Australian National University, for their work on the prevention of repeat offending. Radio Sweden’s Tom McAlinden met John Braithwaite at a criminology symposium at Stockholm University:

”Art Feminism” is the title of the latest exhibition at Stockholm’s prestigous Liljevalchs art gallery. Radio Sweden’s Bill Schiller is there with the chief curator:

Join Serena Möller in her search for Internet pirates. Here’s ”Street Talk”:

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