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Charlotte Petri Gornitzka, Secretary-General, the Swedish Save the Children
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Alice Bah Kuhnke, Secretary-General, Rättvisemärkt (Fairtrade Sweden)

Radio Sweden Saturday


The Lord’s Resistance Army in Northern Uganda has been involved in killing, torturing, maiming and raping defenceless children in its rebellion against the central government. There have even been reports of abducted children being forced to participte in the torture and even killing of other children who failed to obey orders or who attempted to escape from the rebels. Now Rädda Barnen, the Swedish branch of the Save the Children organisation, is saying enough is enough and is calling for international intervention to end the trauma faced by Ugandan children.  


Some farmers in some developing countries have been benefiting from a product control programme which guarantees the quality of their product in return for better financial compensations. It is called Fairtrade and is a worl-wide movement which runs an independent consumer label as a guarantee that disadvantaged producers in the developing world get a better deal. But the interest in Sweden to buy Fairtrade products leaves much to be desired. We find out why.

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