1,700 Swedes Join The Millionaires Club

Swedes are getting richer, some are anyway. There were 1,700  people in the country who became dollar millionaires last year.

An international survey by CapGemini and Merrill Lynch showed that there were 44 thousand 400 people living in Sweden in 2005 whose assets - excluding their homes - were worth more than a million US dollars. That’s a rise of 3.8 percent

Swedes suspicions that their Norwegian neighbours are all rich was confirmed by the report. In Norway, the number of dollar millionaires grew significantly, with 3,000 people joining the club, a 6.5 percent rise. Denmark experienced the smallest rise in Scandinavia at 3.2 percent.

North America is the region with the largest number of dollar millionaires and in which the total wealth is greatest. The number of millionaires there grew by 6.8 percent last year; in 2004 growth had been even higher, rising by 9.9 percent. The number of dollar millionaires in the world is 8.7 million, roughly equivalent to the population of Sweden. This was up 400,000 on last year. The total wealth of all the world’s millionaires is $33,300 billion. The greatest growth in wealth last year was in South Korea, India, Russia and South Africa.

The trend of continued wealth increase around the world is predicted to continue, the report said. The total wealth of the world’s millionaires is expected to be $44,600 billion dollars in 2010.

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