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Sport And Technology Mix In Edge
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Radio Sweden Tuesday

Demands for immigrants and foreigners to learn Swedish before getting citizenship.

Calls for an overhaul of Sweden’s tax system regarding home help.

Parents are to benefit from one of many new laws on the way.

And Technology and sport meet on the road, in this month’s edition of edge.

Closing Music: Lisa Miskovsky ”Mary”

In these last intense months of campaigning before Swedish parliamentary elections in September, the opposition Liberal party is pushing its favorite themes: the failure to integrate immigrants and foreigners into Swedish society and demands that they learn Swedish before getting citizenship. Radio Sweden’s Bill Schiller reports:

Should the state tax home cleaning less, to make it possible for ordinary people to afford such services without breaking the law? As Azariah Kiros reports, some members of the ruling Social Democratic Party have decided to defy their party by lending their support to the idea:

On Monday a Swedish court sentenced a man to four years in prison for forcing his 13-year-old daughter to undergo female genital mutilation. The ruling was the first such conviction since a law banning the procedure went into effect in Sweden in 1982. Mark Cummins has more:

Many new laws go into effect here on the first of July. And, as Tom McAlindon reports, many favor parents:

Over now to Gaby Katz for some high tech, high speed cars, in Edge:

Grunden i vår journalistik är trovärdighet och opartiskhet. Sveriges Radio är oberoende i förhållande till politiska, religiösa, ekonomiska, offentliga och privata särintressen.
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