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Radio Sweden Wednesday

In the programme:

Sweden has confirmed plans to wean itself from oil by 2020 - but now comes the hard part. Today, a report on how Sweden intends to pull it off - without going back to the stone age.

Do sweat shops fuel government cost cutting? An NGO claims local authorities are importing from developing countries but ignoring the issues of child labour and worker conditions.

And - the abhorrent conditions faced by children in Northern Uganda - a Swedish children’s rights group appeals for international intervention.

Prime Minister Göran Persson presented the report of his commission on freeing Sweden from its dependence on oil Wednesday. Our reporter Dave Russell was at today’s press conference, and joins us in the studio now:

The annual Tällberg Forum has opened in a small Swedish mountain village, bringing together hundreds of experts and leaders from around the world. Gaby Katz has more:

When it comes to ethical concerns about goods brought from low-wage countries, many businesses in Sweden are certainly impressing fair-trade campaigners. But one group of big-spenders isn’t getting the thumbs-up.... local government authorities. Radio Sweden’s Tom McAlinden has been speaking to one organisation that’s demanding action:

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