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Göran Hägglund
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Radio Sweden Tuesday

From the Almedalen political gathering in Gotland, Our reporter  Azariah Kiros interviews the leader of Sweden’s Christian Democrats, Göran Hägglund.

The Opposition Alliance presents plans to scrap Sweden’s property tax.

In Greenscan, as the general election approaches we gauge the interest among politicians for the environment.

Closing Music: Helen Sjöholm, ”Gabriella’s Song”

This week the election campaign temperature is being gauged on the Baltic island of Gotland where the parties represented in parliament are gathered for their annual pilgrimage. Over to Azariah Kiros in Visby:

After cracking down on the Pirate Bay online file-sharing site, the Swedish government now wants more legal downloads of film and music from the Internet. Mark Cummins has more:

In this month’s edition pf GreenScan, as the general election approaches, Azariah Kiros gauges the interest among politicians for the environment, and are Stockholmers warming up for a congestion charge to regulate traffic and improve air quality in their city?


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