Guantanamo Prisoner At July 4 Demo

The Swede who was imprisoned at the American Guantanamo Base made his first public speech Tuesday.

At a demonstration outside the US Embassy on the Fourth of July, Medhi Ghezali called the Guantanamo camp a ”living grave”, and asked why after five years of interrogations the ”supposedly professional FBI and CIA still aren’t finished with the prisoners”.

Of Muslim faith - born in Sweden to a Finnish mother and Algerian father, Ghezali travelled to Pakistan to start Islamic studies in Islamabad after graduating from high-school in Sweden. During the autumn of 2001, he travelled with friends to the then Taliban-led Afghanistan, and stayed in an Afghan village near the Pakistani border.

After the American led attack on the Taliban regime in Afghanistan began, he decided to return to Pakistan, but was detained at the border by Pakistani police.

He was then transported to the now infamous Khandahar prison in Afghanistan and from there, flown directly to the U.S Guantanamo base on the island of Cuba.

Ghezali was kept at Guantanamo for more than two years and claims he was tortured. He was released with no official explanation from the U.S Authorities as to why he was held.

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