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70 years of paid holiday leave in France...seemed like a good idea at the time
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The heat of the moment
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Sweden's Fredrik Ljungberg: Underwear model with a million dollar smile?
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England's David Beckham: Redefined football-pro endorsement
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Portugal's Ronaldo: The next big thing?
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Together for ever in Prague
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Kielce's monument to the 1946 Jewish Pogrom

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Germany’s World Cup party rolls to its big finale. We ask the important post-championship question - who looked the best on camera?

Expectation management in Sweden as it lowers its ambitions on making the economy oil-free by 2020.

..And speaking of the economy, as Europe basks in summer weather, most of us take paid holidays for granted. But did you know the ”thoroughly civilised” practice is only 70 years old?

The Czech Republic moves gay and lesbian rights forward

Poland looks back at one of the countries long-held taboo topics - a Jewish pogrom one year after the fall of Nazi Germany


The World Cup finale

For the past four weeks, media around the world has been dominated by the World Cup. So much so that it makes you wonder how people occupy their time before the tournament got underway. All of football crazy Europe has been glued to TV screens over the past month. Here’s just a taste of what’s been keeping soccer fans on the edges of their seats!

Football pro endorsements: the “Beautiful Game”

Footballers with the right looks have historically found themselves swamped with lucrative offers for product endorsements and can quickly find themselves being the face of a new advertising campaign for soft drinks, training shoes or deodorants. So which stars of ”The Beautiful Game’ have potential for making money with their looks off the field?

Sweden backs on 2020 deadline for fossil fuels

Sweden gained headlines earlier this year - when it declared it would be oil-free by 2020. A special commission made up of industrialists, car makers, energy experts and the Prime Minister himself was set up to make recommendations on how to bring the vision about. Earlier this month the white paper was published - but it all turned out to be a bit more modest. 

Finland the EU and Russia

As we reported last week, Nordic Finland took over the rotating Presidency of the European Union this month. Over the next six months the EU hopes to take advantage of Finland’s long geographical relationship with Russia to put EU - Russia issues front-centre stage.

Same sex marriage: the Czech Republic says “I do”

It was a long time coming, but from Saturday July 1st, gay and lesbian couples across the Czech Republic were finally free to tie the knot. Dozens of couples seized on the opportunity to seal their relationship with a civic ceremony on the very first day that this was possible.

A shadow from the past

Ceremonies have been held in the central Polish city of Kielce to mark the sixtieth anniversary of a Jewish pogrom by their Polish neighbours. The massacre in which 39 Jews were butchered was taboo in communist Poland. And since, official investigations have led nowhere. The Kielce pogrom, along with a series of similar events in other parts of Poland in the immediate aftermath of WWII caused an exodus of the country’s Holocaust survivors.

70 years of paid holidays!

As the first wave of this year’s holidaymakers leave for their long summer break in Europe - its interesting to note that the phenomena of paid holidays - although taken for granted today in most parts of Europe and the industrialised world - is not that old...2006 is the seventieth anniversary of the introduction of paid holidays in France. RFI’s Brent Gregston looks at the profound implications the paid holidays has had for French society since it was first which  introduced in 1936.

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