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Beirut airport under fire: Thousands of Swedes trapped are by the violence
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Some 4000 Swedes are trapped in Lebanon by violence - Radio Sweden’s Serena Möller reports on the situation for tourists in Beirut.

All are not equal before the law?  A new study suggests that juveniles born abroad get a tougher deal at the hands of the law than their Swedish-born peers. 

And as the country counts down to the general elections - we ask why foreign born Swedes and Swedes with foreign backgrounds aren’t standing for parliament?

Closing music: ”Jag blundar för solen”, Peter Jöback

More than 2000 Swedish tourists are now stranded in Lebanon after the country was cut-off by Israel.  Sweden’s Foreign Ministry says there are also around 550 Swedes living in Lebanon, and is advising Swedes to avoid travel to the region.

There have been no reports so far of Swede’s being injured in the bombings. Our reporter Serena Möller is in Beirut - she spoke to Juan Navas earlier:

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