Radio Sweden Monday

Swedish citizens are evacuated from Lebanon. 

Also in today’s program: Criticism from Amnesty on foreign business interests.  Are Swedish companies blind to human rights issues?

Kajsa Bergqvist jumped to new heights at the weekend.  We’ll bring you a wrap of sports action.

And there’s music in the air as the Stockholm Jazz Festival revs its engines.  Be prepared for a Brazilian beat!

Closing Music: Lisa Miskovsky, ”Mary”

Sweden has started to fly home hundreds of its citizens who have been trapped in Lebanon since Israel’s blockades began last week. The first have now landed at Stockholm’s Arlanda International Airport, shaken and tired, levelling criticism at the Swedish foreign ministry. And many more are still stranded in the Middle East.  Our reporter Tom McAlinden has been following the evacuation:

Are Swedish public companies blind to human rights issues? Amnesty International says there’s very little awareness when it comes to the human rights situation in countries where they have business interests. Azariah Kiros has more:

Now here’s George Wood with a look at the weekend sports action:

As Stockholm’s Jazz Festival is ready to launch a week of Swedish and International performances all over town, Bill Schiller catches up with one of the main co-ordinators as well as a Swedish Jazz Singer who moves to a Brazilian beat: