Roller Coaster Crash

Two roller coaster trains collided at Sweden’s largest amusement park Saturday. Twenty-one people were injured, including six children, but none seriously.

The crash, at Gothenburg’s Liseberg amusement park, happened when the chain that pulls the trains up the initial climb malfunctioned, causing a fully-loaded train to roll backwards into the starting platform, hitting another train that was unloading riders.

The steel roller coaster was built in 1987 and is one of Sweden’s largest, reaching speeds of up to 50 miles an hour.

A bus carrying 22 Scandinavians overturned in Egypt Saturday morning.

The passengers, including at least four children, suffered minor injuries and were taken to a hospital in Hurghada. They had all been released by Saturday afternoon.

The tourists, travelling with Swedish and Danish charter companies, were on their way to a day excursion in Cairo from their hotels on the Red Sea. According to reports, the bus overturned when the driver crashed into a truck from behind.